We are Parle Agro. And we are in the business of refreshing India.

We are the largest Indian food and beverage company. With brands that have won the hearts of consumers everywhere, we are in almost every home across the length and breadth of India.

Be it Frooti, India's first mango drink in a tetra pak, or Appy, India's first ever apple drink, or Appy Fizz, the country's first sparkling apple drink, our beverages have, over the decades, acquired iconic stature in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Our latest beverage brand, Café Cuba, the carbonated coffee soft drink, and Frio, a range of deliciously flavoured aerated drinks, have already made a grand entry within the few months of their launch.

Our foray into the Foods category began with Hippo Baked Munchies being launched in 2009. Today, Hippo offers a range of snacks in different formats. Bailley, our packaged drinking water brand renowned for its purity, is one of the largest water brands in the country and one of the most widely available. Backward integration saw us open our own PET division, which makes us the only beverage company in India to manufacture its own PET preforms. With a strong presence in over 50 countries already, we are all set to become the first Indian global Food & Beverage company.


A historic past is the sign of a great future.

Parle Agro has always been a pioneer. Be it creating products that have become iconic, or changing market trends altogether.

India's first mango drink, Frooti, is one such example. Back in the days when people stood at stores drinking beverages from glass bottles, Frooti came in a Tetra Pak, offering consumers the option to carry their drink along. It was the first time an Indian brand used Tetra Pak technology of hygiene and durability to package its beverages. The launch of India's first apple nectar, Appy, was another milestone in the beverage segment.

Parle Agro also takes pride in being the first ever company globally to offer a single pack of beverage at a price point as low as ₹ 2.50. This market offering came in unique triangular packaging (TCA). For the first time, a beverage was available at the price of confectionary.

Profit comes from philosophy.

At Parle Agro, it's not just about the business. It's how we go about it. It's about the people. It's about the culture and ethics. It's also about sustainability and social responsibility. Our philosophy is built around our need to lead, our need to innovate, and our need to make the world a better place with a little contribution from us.

Our Business Statement:

"We are in the business of refreshing India with our products, refreshing the market with new categories and refreshing ourselves through innovation."

Our Vision:

"To be the leaders in our business. We will stand apart from the competition by being the first in the market to innovate."

Our Mission:

"We will be the leaders in our business by - maintaining high quality, introducing new and innovative products, reaching every part of India, remaining customer-centric, constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills."