Mango Frooti, Fresh ‘n’ Juicy.

India's favourite mango is a drink. In every little store, on every little street in India, the yellow bottle or pack can be spotted ready to quench the craving for a bite of delicious mango. This has been the story since 1985, when we gave India its first beverage in a Tetra Pak. With Frooti, for the first time ever, consumers could walk away from a shop with a drink in hand. In time, Frooti became synonymous with India's favourite fruit – mango. Along the way, we created the first ever TCA Tetra Pak, the small little triangular pack that can be sold in chains of multiple packs. Frooti was also the first ever fruit drink in India to be packaged in PET bottles.

Continuing with our unending will to innovate, we launched the Frooti Bottle Pack in 2013. This ‘first time in the world’ pack combines the goodness of a Tetra Pak with the convenience of a bottle.

Quite evidently, Frooti was rated as India's Most Trusted Fruit Beverage Brand*. With exports to over 35 countries, Frooti is on its way to becoming an international favourite.

*Source: Economic Times Survey, 2013

Frooti is available in 90ml TCA, 160ml and 200ml Tetra Paks, 250ml, 400ml, 500ml, 600ml, 1.2 ltr and 2 ltr PET, 200ml RGB as well as 250ml
Bottle Pack.